2023 Camp Information

We are so excited to be planning for BookTrails Camp 2023!
Here is some information to help you get ready for BookTrails Camp Registration


Important Dates:

Last day to cancel: May 1st
Paperwork due: June 1st
First day of camp: June 12th

Drop-off and Pick-up is held at:

Partners of Routt County
2673 Jacob Cir Unit #1
Steamboat Springs, CO

Day Camp:
Drop off window: 8:30-8:45AM Pick up at 4:30PM.

Day Camps with Thursday Night Campouts:
Drop off window: 8:30-8:45AM Pick up at 4:30PM M-W, EARLY pick-up Friday at 1PM.

Overnight Camp:
Drop-off at 9:15AM on Monday and Pick-up at Friday at 1pm.

Q: How does the main camp book work? What if my child is below/above the reading level of the main camp book and/or has read the book before?

A: Each camp includes a “Main Book” that is read together, as a camp, throughout the week. We use this common book during read aloud time and for group discussion. During “Choice Time” our campers are invited to choose a book at their reading level that follows the theme of the week to read independently. We spend a part of each day reading both the “Main Book” and “Choice Book” at camp. If a child finishes their Choice Book, they are able to visit our library to swap their book to a new selection. A new, fresh copy of our “Main Book” is given to each camper on the first day of camp and then they bring home the book at the end of the week. “Choice Books” remain in our library for campers to choose during for the next weeks of camp. Our staff spends time researching and curating both our “Main Books” and “Choice Books” at BookTrails Camp to ensure we have a robust selection of books that follow each camp theme. We might be one of the only summer camps to have a designated Camp Library!“Main Books” are read during read aloud time, as a large group or in small groups. These books can be read aloud entirely to your child if they are below reading level, or your child may be jumping in to volunteer at read aloud time. It will be your child’s decision on whether they would like to listen to the book or volunteer to read and we will encourage them along the way.Don’t worry if your child has already read the “Main Book” for their camp! We will introduce the story in new ways and create fun activities to relate to the book. It is always fun to revisit one of your favorite books, especially with a group of your peers to hear new viewpoints on the story.

Q: Are the grades listed for each camp the grade completed or grade entering?

A: We refer to the grade completed in our camp age descriptions. However, we are flexible and can sometime approve exceptions for children who are reading above/below grade level or wish to attend camp with their siblings. We CANNOT admit children who are younger than age 7 and who have not completed first grade due to our license— Children must have either completed first grade OR be age 7 to attend BookTrails Camp. Please contact us at  for questions about age requirements.

Q: Do return campers get priority for registering for BookTrails Camp?

A: Return campers are invited to register a day early for BookTrails Camp, on January 31st. However, we do save a percentage of spots for new campers so that all spots are not taken by return campers. The best way to try and get a new camper into BookTrails Camp is to register at 7AM on Feb 1st. We are small program and are trying our best to integrate new campers into our program as we grow! A separate email will be sent to return campers with instructions on how to register on Jan 31st.

Q: Is there a limit to how many camps a camper can sign up for in a summer?

A: Yes, for the first time, we will be placing a 2 camp limit on the amount of camps each camper can sign up to attend in 2023. This applies to each individual camper, not each family. We are trying this new policy with the hope of moving more campers from our waiting lists in 2023 while we plan to expand and build new facilities at the Reading Ranch for the future. BookTrails Camp will always be a small program based our site and reading curriculum, however we are planning to open 100 additional spots during the next 2-5 years.

Q: Will you be requiring COVID vaccines in 2023 for campers?

A: At this time, we will not be requiring vaccines for campers in 2023 as now there are vaccines available for all age groups. However, this is subject to change before camp begins if we have a change in local health advisories.Please let us know if you have any questions!  or 855-426-6587

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