2024 Camp Information

BookTrails Camp Registration 2024

BookTrails is updating our registration model for the 2024 camp season to a lottery system. We will hold 3 separate lotteries to ensure that there will be a mix of Returning Campers, prior Waitlisted Campers, and New Campers.

Why are we changing our registration system?

We hope that by implementing a registration lottery, the enrollment process will be more equitable and less tense, ensuring that spaces are available for both new and returning families. Factors like internet speed and family schedules may have prevented families from being able to get registered in the few minutes our camps have been filling up the past few years. 

Based on feedback, the BookTrails Camp lottery process was reviewed over several months with our board, staff, and camp families to create chances for new and returning families to participate in BookTrails. We strive to create a camp lottery registration system that is easy to use and is more equitable than our previous first come first serve system. 

How will the lottery work?

Enrollment for the BookTrails Camp Lottery will be open from Feb 1- Feb 5th, 2024 at 11:59pm. BookTrails will hold a Returner Lottery, a Waitlist Lottery, and a New Camper Lottery with results announced Feb 9th, 2024.

Please note that entering the lottery does not guarantee your camper’s enrollment in camp. 

Parents will log into CampMinder during the lottery window (Feb 1-5th). We will be using CampMinder to host our lottery.  

  • Each camper may enter the lottery once, listing up to 3 choices in order of camps they wish to attend. 
  • Lottery entries should be submitted for each child/sibling who wishes to attend camp.
  • Submissions may be made at any time during the lottery entry period. All entries are treated equally, no preference is given to entries filled out on the first day of the lottery entry period.
  • Waitlist positions will also be selected from the lottery. We will accept up to 8 children on each waiting list. 
  • Results from all three lotteries will be processed from February 5th-9th.  Families will be notified of the lottery results via email by February 9th. 
  • If your child is selected to register, you will have until Feb 16th at 5 pm to accept your spot. Your spot will be accepted by logging into CampMinder and paying the tuition cost.
  • If your child does not get a spot in camp from the lottery, we will notify you if your child has a spot on the waitlist. 
  • We will prioritize every child getting a spot in one camp this summer. Spots may be released if every child on the waitlist has been contacted and the spot remains unclaimed. 

How are we ensuring a mix of Returning Campers, New Campers, and prior Waitlisted Campers will receive spots in 2024?

  • We will hold 3 separate lotteries to ensure that there will be a mix of Returner Campers, prior Waitlisted Campers, and New Campers enrolled in BookTrails Camp.
  • At this time we are prioritizing siblings attending the same camp/week together, but unfortunately cannot guarantee that friends will get into the same camp together.
  • Returners will have a slightly increased chance of winning a space. However, we are running three separate lotteries to maintain a generous portion of spaces for new campers.
  • To honor our previous policy, we will run a separate lottery for students on the 2023 waitlist and not enrolled in camp in 2023. This is called the Waitlist Lottery. This lottery will not run in future years.
  • As always, contact us with any questions at Admin@steamboatbooktrails.org and 855-426-6587

Important Dates:

  • Camp Grant Applications: January 8th-22nd
  • Registration Lottery: February 1st-5th 
  • Lottery results announced via email*: by February 9th at 5pm

*If your child is offered a spot in camp, please log into CampMinder and pay the tuition cost of camp by February 16th to secure their spot. You do not need to do anything if you are notified your child is on a waitlist. We will contact you if a space becomes available.

  • Cancellation deadline: May 1st
  • Paperwork due: by June 1st

Camp Grants (formerly known as scholarships):

In a commitment to fulfill our mission to make our programs accessible to all, we will be offering camp grants, formerly known as scholarships, on a sliding scale to qualifying families.  Camp Grants are offered to families based on financial need.  Please contact us directly if there are other circumstances that you would like us to consider for your family’s situation.  

We will review and process Camp Grant applications January 22-26th. Families will be notified by January 26th whether their requests were approved. We will honor the camp grant amount if your child wins a space in camp in our registration lottery. 

Camp Grant Guidelines:

Camp Grants are available on a sliding scale. Parents can apply for Camp Grants within their income bracket listed on the scale below. Our application will ask you to elaborate on any additional factors that are impacting your family financially. Please review our sliding scale below:

image (7)