Please access the 2019 parent letter, which will give you all the information you will need for camp, including paperwork, schedule, packing list, and more. 

Forms must be submitted by June 1st by uploading to your Active Account.  This is the account you created when registering for camp.  Please do not e-mail or mail forms to us.  Download your forms below and upload them to your Active account.  You can do this by editing the forms directly on your computer or printing them out and scanning them.  You can download a free scanner app on your phone called Genius Scan.  This allows you to take a picture of your forms and scan them as a PDF.  Then, you can upload them using the Active link above.

ATTN: If you have not uploaded your paperwork prior to a week before the start date of your child’s camp, please just bring paperwork with you on Monday.  We will not process paperwork that is uploaded within a week of a camp’s start date. 


Colorado Rules and Regulations state that ALL records need to be updated annually. You must submit new forms every summer.  

You must submit a copy of your child’s immunization records. Due to state regulations, immunizations must be recorded on the state form. Immunization records that are recorded on alternative forms will not be accepted– parents must transpose them to the correct form.

* If your doctor’s office is not using the state form, we recommend having the office fax or e-mail records to you so that you can transpose them. The exemption form is also in the above link. For more information on state immunization requirements, click here.

BookTrails will only accept medical exemptions from vaccinations to participate in our programs. Children with personal exemptions may not attend BookTrails.


These forms include children with severe allergies (have to carry an epipen or Benadryl), and children with asthma.

Children are prohibited from carrying medications, they must be kept in our locked cooler bag.

If you would like your child to carry their own inhaler (they have been taught to use it), please have your physician note that on the form.  Otherwise, inhalers will be carried by our staff.


Week-long overnight campers must now submit a completed Overnight Medical Form which requires a physical from a physician.

*This is a new regulation and must be followed for BookTrails to legally operate in the State of Colorado.  We realize and agree it is annoying!  Please help us in encouraging your local doctors office to switch to the state approved forms, which are inspected by the state every summer.

2020 Camps are now full...

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