Policies and Waiver

BookTrails 2024 Policies and Waiver for Parents

The following procedures are directed towards parents or guardians enrolling their children in a BookTrails Program. More policies related to BookTrails operations are on file and can be found both on our website and on file at our office. Our policies follow the Rules Regulating School-Age Child Care Centers and General Rules For Child Care Facilities as provided by the State of Colorado Department of Human Services.

Please review all policies as you are responsible for following all regulations. By registering your child, you are agreeing to abide by these policies.

BookTrails Mission Statement: BookTrails’ mission is to foster literacy in all people and promote access to literacy programs for all children. BookTrails aims to design programs that create new ways to experience the joys of reading and writing through experiential learning.

BookTrails purpose and philosophy on child care (7.712.31 A1)

BookTrails aims to encourage a love for reading and writing in our students. We will provide reading and writing enrichment programs taught through the outdoors and experiential education. BookTrails believes in the importance and effectiveness of multi-sensory education and encourages students to express their thoughts and emotions related to learning.

Ages of Children Accepted (7.712.31 A2)

BookTrails serves children ages 7-15.

Special Needs Children (7.712.31 A3)

BookTrails will work with families to accommodate special needs children to the best of our ability. Because of the outdoor exploration aspect of our programs, it may be unsafe for certain children with extreme special needs to attend all programs. We will work with families to link children with the best program to suit their needs.

Hours/Dates of Operation (7.712.31 A4)

During the summer, BookTrails offers programs Monday-Friday, 8:30am-5:00pm. During the school year, BookTrails does not offer programming or child care on a regular schedule— typically only on days off of school for in-service days. Please call 855-426-6587 to check on our availability during the school year. We are not open on government holidays.

Severe Weather (7.712.31 A5)

During severe weather, BookTrails will utilize one of our rain locations: Bud Werner Library, Tread of Pioneer Museum Community Room, Carpenter Ranch, North Routt Community Charter School and other available indoor spaces. We will alert parents of our rain location if it impacts sign-in or sign-out location.

Admission/Registration of Students (7.712.31 A6)

Admission/registration of students is done through our website, mybooktrails.org. Pre-registration is required.


Fees (7.712.31 A7)

Fees for our programs are paid on a weekly basis. Fees are required to be paid during registration and a list of all fees can be found at mybooktrails.org. All fees must be paid by the first day of your child’s program. BookTrails is willing to work with families who need to set-up a payment plan to pay fees before the program begins.

Student Location Accountability (7.712.31 A8)

BookTrails programs enjoy a very small student to teacher ratio, which is the main strategy for tracking the location of all students. Our teachers are trained to keep a count of students every three minutes, including when entering or exiting vehicles. We use strategies such as “count-off” during times that we are in the wilderness or on field trips. Students are required to gain permission before leaving the group to use the bathroom or change clothes.

Policy on Discipline (7.712.31 A9)

BookTrails staff will not use physical punishment. This includes spanking, shaking, pinching, biting, or rough handling. BookTrails staff will not humiliate or subject a child to derogatory remarks about her/himself, his/her ethnic group, or his/her religion. BookTrails will not deprive any child of food as punishment. If necessary, BookTrails staff will discuss methods of discipline with the parents and work together to improve behavior. Misbehaving students will first be given a verbal warning, will then have camp privileges revoked, and finally, parents will be notified to pick-up the child. Students that are dismissed from camp because of behavior problems are not eligible for a refund.

Guidance Policy (guidance policy- provide individualized social and emotional intervention support, access to early childhood mental health consultant(319d-e) and What steps are taken prior to the suspension, expulsion, or request of parents to withdraw child from care due to behavior concerns(.31-26).)

BookTrails will attempt to provide individualized social and emotional intervention support to the best of our ability and will refer families to alternative services, when appropriate. BookTrails will refer families to a mental health consultant, if needed.

BookTrails operates a “three-strike” policy for minor behavior concerns. Strikes will be reported to parents at the end of the camp day. BookTrails reserves the right to withdraw a student from a class for any reason, including behavior problems or failure to pay fees or complete required forms. If, in the event that BookTrails staff determines that our program is not ideal for my child, BookTrails must give me notice by e-mail, phone, or in person. BookTrails is not required to refund any withdrawals.

Cases of illness/accident/injury (7.712.31 A10)


BookTrails will notify parents should their child become ill during the day by calling the phone number that the parent has designated. Children must be picked up promptly, or arrangements made for an authorized person to pick up upon such notification. This may include driving long distances to meet our group.

If a child is exposed to or contracts a contagious disease, parents must notify BookTrails. No refunds will be given for a child’s sick days. Children must be free of a fever, cough, vomiting or diarrhea for a total of 24 hours before returning to BookTrails. If a child contracts lice, they must be treated and have no sign of lice to attend camp.

BookTrails will not administer any medication (including OTC medications) without written consent by the physician and parent. All medications will be kept in a locked bag, inhalers and EpiPens must be carried by an adult. Please see the section on medication if your child will need medication/inhaler/EpiPen during camp.

Lost child or Natural Disasters (7.712.31 A11)

BookTrails follows strict procedures to prevent the loss of a child during our care. Staff is trained in our procedures during staff training, which includes some staff caring for the remaining children while others search and calling professional authorities to help search for the child. Staff follows preventative measures such as keeping a count of students, count-off, low class size, and buddy systems, to help mitigate the possibility of losing a student. Complete safety procedures are on file at our office and can be provided upon request.

In the case of natural disasters, staff will follow protocols learned during staff training. These protocols include plans for floods, tornadoes, severe weather, and other natural disasters. BookTrails’ first priority is to secure the safety of our students and will not travel into the outdoors if there is a threat of a natural disaster. Camp may be canceled in the event of a natural disaster. In this case, no refunds will be given.


Transportation (7.712.31 A12 and A14)

BookTrails Staff will transport children in safe, well-maintained vehicles with seat belts. All drivers will be pre-screened by BookTrails to ensure safe driving records and valid driver’s license. BookTrails holds vehicle insurance. Drivers will also complete vehicle training during staff training to learn how to safely drive our vehicles. Permission to transport children is given during registration. Policies concerning vehicles are on file at our office and can be provided upon request.


Field trips, TV/video viewing, Special activities (7.712.31 A13)

Broad authorization for field trips, TV/video viewing, and special activities is given during registration. BookTrails will communicate with parents during sign-in about the field-trip plans for the day. We will also alert parents if we are showing TV or video for educational purposes (ex: a video of a grizzly bear eating berries to illuminate a scene from The Hatchet) and will choose age-appropriate publications. If a parent objects to these authorizations, this must be presented to BookTrails in writing before the program starts.

Children will be supervised during field trips in accordance with camp policies. (7.712.31 A8)

Releasing Children to Authorized Persons (7.712.31 A15)

Children will only be released to the adults listed under “Authorized Pick-up Persons” on registration forms. If parents need to add persons to this list, they may do so by calling our office or providing the revisions in writing. BookTrails will never release a child to a person who is not listed on this form.

Failure to Pick-up Child (7.712.31 A16)

If a child remains later than 5:00 pm for whatever reason, BookTrails will meet their dietary and activity needs until a parent or authorized adult retrieves the child. BookTrails will use all possible measures to locate a guardian. If a guardian is not reached by 5:15pm, BookTrails Staff will contact the police department and/ or child protective services and proceed according to their direction.

Late Arrivals (7.712.31 A17)

As BookTrails is a Mobile Program, we cannot accommodate late arrivals. Late arrivals may contact our group via cell phone and meet us at our location, if possible.

Medication Administration (7.712.31 A18)

If your child requires medication at camp, including prescription, over-the-counter, inhalers, topical ointments, or Epipen, you must follow our medication procedures. Parents must fill out appropriate forms provided on your CampInTouch account and some of these forms must be signed by a physician (even for OTC meds!). Medications must be brought to BookTrails in their original container with RX label with signed medication forms in a zip-lock bag. This label must list:

-Child’s Name

-Prescribing practitioner’s name

-Pharmacy name and telephone number

-Date prescription was filled

-Expiration date of the medication

-Name of medication


-How often to give medication

-Length of time the medication is to be given

Over-the-counter medication must be kept in the originally labeled container and be labeled with the child’s first and last name. The form for medication must be filled out and signed by a physician for over-the-counter medication. (Form can be found at mybooktrails.org)

Medications will be distributed in accordance with Medication Administration Training, as delegated by our Registered Nurse, Liz Kirt. Medications will be kept in a locked cooler bag and carried with staff at all times. The medication bag will also include a log of medication distributed. Children are not allowed to carry their own medication, with the exception of inhaler or Epipen, which can be carried if written permission is provided by the physician that states the child can administer their own Epipen or inhaler.

Parents must request the return of medications on the last day of the program. Medication that is left-over at the end of the program and not retrieved will be properly disposed of.

Immunizations Policy

In accordance with state laws, all children must be immunized to participate in camp. A copy of immunization records must be presented on the first day of camp or the child will not be permitted to participate. All exceptions must be accompanied by a signed explanation from a doctor. Immunization records must be submitted on a state-approved form, which is provided on your CampInTouch account.

Health Insurance

In accordance with state laws, all children must have health insurance to participate in BookTrails. BookTrails will not reimburse health care costs due to a lack of health insurance.

Personal Belongings/Money (7.712.31 A19)

Students should not bring valuable items to camp. Electronic devices are not permitted at camp and if they are brought, they will be confiscated by staff and returned to parents at the end of the day. Due to the nature of our program, electronic devices can be extremely distracting and detrimental to learning. If you prefer for your child to carry a cellphone to contact you after camp, it must be carried by a staff member and given to the student at the end of the day. If the electronic rule is broken more than once, the child will be withdrawn from the program.

If and when items are lost, they will be placed in the Lost and Found located in the lobby of Partners in Routt County. Should a child lose an item at camp, our staff will try to locate the item, though items are not always found. The best way to prevent the loss of an important item is to leave it at home. Students will not need money at camp. If money is brought to a program, BookTrails is not responsible for tracking its whereabouts or if it is lost. Parents should not send fees with their children to programs, all fees should be delivered by a parent.


Meals and Snacks (7.712.31 A20)

Children attending BookTrails are required to pack their own lunch and a small, non-perishable snack for the afternoon. If the child’s lunch includes perishables, it must contain an ice pack that will keep lunch below 41 degrees for 4 hours. Lunch must be a balanced meal, including 1/3rd of daily nutrition for the child. If parents do not pack their child a lunch or pack a lunch that is nutritionally unsatisfactory, it is understood that the parent will be charged a fee of $10 for BookTrails to provide an emergency lunch.

BookTrails will provide nutritious meals during overnight trips and will make arrangements beforehand to ensure that we can provide for allergies and dietary restrictions. We will also provide snacks during the day.

Children must come to camp with a reusable, durable water bottle. Each child must bring AT LEAST ONE LITER of water to camp each day, preferably more. Children will be able to refill water bottles throughout the day.

If your child has a food allergy or dietary restriction, please let us know during registration and fill-out required allergy forms on your CampInTouch account.

Visitors (7.712.31 A21)

Parents are not permitted on camp premises without approval and notification of the director. Parents are encouraged to attend the Friday open house to view camp locations and see activities. Information regarding the parent open house will be dispensed on the first day of each camp.

Visitors at BookTrails are only permitted during special open houses or with approval from the director. Visitors may be asked to complete a background check. Visitors may not be alone with students. All visitors are required to sign the provided visitor log, which includes the inspection of a state-issued ID to verify identity. The visitor log includes the name, address, and purpose of the visit. Visitors are not permitted without following the Visitor Policy, regardless of their relationship to BookTrails.


Procedure for Filing a Complaint about Child Care (7.712.31 A22)

Complaints can be filed with BookTrails by contacting our director, Emily Osterman, at 855-426-6587 or in writing at admin@steamboatbooktrails.org or 68 9th Street, Steamboat Springs, CO 80487

You may also contact our Colorado Licensing Specialist, Andria Hudspeth, at 303-866-5958 or 1-800-799-5876.


Reporting of Child Abuse (7.712.31 A23)

BookTrails staff members are required to read and sign a statement clearly defining child abuse and neglect pursuant to state law and outlining the staff member’s personal responsibility to report all incidents of child abuse or neglect according to state law.

Any caregiver or staff member in a child care facility who has reasonable cause to know or suspect that a child has been subjected to abuse or neglect or who has observed the child being subjected to circumstances or conditions that would reasonably result in abuse or neglect must immediately report or cause a report to be made of such fact to the county department of social services or local law enforcement agency.

If the suspected child abuse occurred at the child care facility, the report of suspected child abuse must be made to the county department of social services, police department, or other law enforcement agency in the community or county in which the child care facility is located.

If the suspected child abuse did not occur at the child care facility, the report of suspected child abuse must be made to the county department of social services in the county in which the child resides or to the local law enforcement agency in the community in which the incident is believed to have occurred.

Investigation of Abuse

Staff members of the county department of social services or a law enforcement agency that investigates an allegation of child abuse must be given the right to interview staff and children in care and to obtain names, addresses, and telephone numbers of parents of children enrolled at the child care facility.

Any report made to the law enforcement authorities or a county department of social services of an allegation of abuse of any child at the child care facility will result in the temporary suspension or reassignment of duties of the alleged perpetrator to remove the risk of harm to the child/children if there is reasonable cause to believe that the life or health of the victim or other children at the facility is in imminent danger due to continued contact between the alleged perpetrator and the child/children at the facility. Such suspension or reassignment of duties will remain in effect pending the outcome of the investigation by the appropriate authorities.

Notification of closure (7.712.31 A24)

BookTrails will notify all parents by e-mail and phone if the program cannot accommodate children for any reason.

Withdrawal from Program by BookTrails (7.712.31 A25)

BookTrails reserves the right to withdraw a student from a class for any reason, including behavior problems or failure to pay fees or complete required forms. If, in the event that BookTrails staff determines that our program is not ideal for my child, BookTrails must give me notice by e-mail, phone, or in person. BookTrails is not required to refund any withdrawals.

Withdrawal from Program by Parent

Parents must provide two (2) week written notice of withdrawal from a program. If this notification is not provided, parents must pay all tuition and fees, whether or not the child attends. When a child is withdrawn, s/he will only be eligible for re-admission based upon space availability and all other enrollment criteria. If there is an outstanding balance (including tuition or fees) when my child was withdrawn, I will be required to bring my account current prior to completing a re-enrollment application. I understand all fees (Tuition, Activity Fees, and Enrollment Fees) are non-refundable in the event of withdrawal. I understand that all refunds from BookTrails will be given in program credits to use in the future.

Cancellation Policy

2023 BookTrails Cancellation Policy

We begin preparations early in the year to accommodate our students. We use enrollment numbers to make hiring and purchasing decisions. Because of this, it is important to give us early notice if you need to cancel a registration. We have altered our cancellation policy to make it more flexible than in years past, but we still need a firm policy to ensure the success of BookTrails Camp.

We are offering Program Protection through Travmark, a separate entity from BookTrails. You may opt to purchase Program Protection during registration. Please read the details carefully as we are not affiliated with Travmark and all refunds will be made directly from Travmark, not BookTrails. You must contact Travmark with any questions about your plan.

  • Cancellations made before May 1st, 2023, will be refunded 100% of tuition, with the exception of all registration/credit card processing fees.
  • After May 1st, 2023 customers will receive a 50% refund, with the exception of all registration fees/credit card processing.
  • Cancellations made within 10 days before the start date of the camp will not be refunded. If a spot is canceled within the 10 day period before the first day of the scheduled camp, no refunds will be given. We do not reimburse for any missed days of camp for any reason.

Animal Policy

Children will come into contact with ranch animals (cows, horses, goats, sheep, dogs, etc) during camp. BookTrails also has reading dogs participate in the program. I will notify BookTrails if my child has any allergies to animals.

Charges and Procedure for Late Pick-up

BookTrails Camp scheduled closing time is 5:00pm at Partners of Routt County. Parents will be charged a late fee of $1 per every minute beyond pick up time until the child is picked up. Parents will be invoiced for fees and must be paid before the child can return to BookTrails. If a child remains later than 5:00 for whatever reason, BookTrails will meet their dietary and activity needs until a parent or authorized adult retrieves the child or see policy 7.712.31 A16.

Our staff works tirelessly during the day to create an unforgettable experience for your child. When you are late to retrieve your child, you are impacting our staff’s time to complete other work or personal needs. Please be on time to pick-up your child and show respect to our teachers.

Parents who are continuously late for pick-up (2 or more times) will not be permitted to have their children attend future BookTrails programs, including remaining programs for the week.

Photo Release

BookTrails, its agents, affiliates, and licensees, may use photographs, reproductions, images or sound recordings of children for advertising, publicity or any other lawful purpose.


In the event of a medical emergency, all proper first aid will be administered; including calling 911 if necessary. Parents will be notified after the child’s immediate needs have been addressed appropriately. All emergencies will be taken to Yampa Valley Community Hospital. BookTrails emergency procedures are on file at our office and can be provided upon request.

All Policies and State Regulations

The above policies are not an all-inclusive list of policies, and children, family members, authorized agents, and parents are bound by state regulations and all other company policies, which may be modified at any time, without notice. The regulations of the state in which children attend may prevail over these policies when the state regulation is stricter. Continued enrollment constitutes acknowledgment of, and agreement to abide by, all Policies and state regulations. To file a complaint against BookTrails please contact the Denver Division of Childcare at 1575 Sherman Street, 1st floor, Denver CO 80203, or call 303.866.5948.

No Modifications

No terms of this Agreement may be altered, revised, modified or deleted by any person except in cases of policy change or rate change to which both the Director must initial. Any alterations, revisions, modifications, or deletions of any term of this Agreement are null and void.